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Kylie Porter-Wright

"Cold Pitch is the most consistent and authentic AI line writer we have ever used."

Rachel Machperson
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"Cold Pitch allows us to achieve the work of a larger team with no resources. It automated my email marketing process, saving our hours every week."

Vaida Ribinskaite
Son de Flor

"My response rate increased by 6x within a week of using Cold Pitch platform."

Frequently Asked Questions

By Customers

What data does Cold Pitch need to create the first lines?

Cold Pitch uses LinkedIn profile URLs or company website URL to write the personalized first lines for your contacts.


How much post-editing is required?

99% of the intro lines are typically good to go. Our “No-Touch” Lines take 0 review and are always ready to send out directly.


How does a Cold Pitch credit work?

One contact credit will produce anywhere from 5 differeent personalized first lines you can use.


How long does it take to write lines?

Cold Pitch is able to write up to 1000 intros per hour and we’re only getting faster.